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  • Application Range of PVC Leather and PU Leather

    Application Range of PVC Leather and PU Leather

    The full name for PVC leather is polyvinyl chloride leather. PVC is a non-crystalline material that has excellent resistance to oxidation, strong acids and reductions. PVC leather also has high strength and excellent stability, and is non-flammable and resistant to corrosion caused by climate cha...
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  • What is the Difference Between PU Leather and PVC Leather?

    What is the Difference Between PU Leather and PVC Leather?

    Nowadays more and more car owners in the choice of car interior for their cars, are confused about how to choose between PU leather and PVC leather, today we will analyze from several aspects of PU and PVC in the end what is the difference. Introduction of PU Leather: Po...
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  • What is Microfiber Leather? (2)

    What is Microfiber Leather? (2)

    Microfiber leather is comfortable, beautiful, warm and breathable. It has good draping and plump degree, and also has obvious improvement in hydrophobic and antifouling properties. The difference between microfiber leather and imitation leather: Appearance Microfiber lea...
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  • What is microfiber leather? (1)

    What is microfiber leather? (1)

    The full name of microfiber is microfiber PU synthetic leather. Generally speaking, microfiber is made of a layer of high-performance PU(polyurethane resin) and microfiber cloth. Its structure is closest to genuine leather, and it belongs to the third generation of artif...
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  • Why is car leather different from other leather

    Why is car leather different from other leather

    Most consumers are not aware that there is any difference between the leather of their shoes, sofa, or car seats. Leather is leather (unless it isn’t), but closer inspection reveals that there’s a big difference between the materials used in fashion or upholstery and the...
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  • How to clean the car leather

    How to clean the car leather

    In order to protect our cars, owners will choose their favorite car leather cushion to protect their beloved car. Car cushions not only can prolong the service life of our cars, and make our cars look more beautiful. We first look at the characteristic of leathe...
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  • How to Choose the Car Foot Mats

    How to Choose the Car Foot Mats

    Bensen company focus on the production of automotive interior. Nowadays, the car mats on the automotive market are mainly divided into: chemical fiber mats, rubber mats, all-around mats and leather mats, etc. by material. Different materials of car mats, advantages and d...
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  • How to choose car interiors?

    How to choose car interiors?

    Car interior is an important part of car body, mainly divided into car roof, steering wheel, door trim panel, instrument panel, car seat and carpet. According to statistics, the design workload of car interior accounts for 60% of the car styling workload. A good interior...
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  • What are the car decoration materials

    What are the car decoration materials

    Since the birth of the first real automobile, it has been more than 130 years. With the continuous development and progress of automobile technology and performance, the design of automobile interior and the application of materials are also constantly changing and upgra...
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  • What is TPE

    What is TPE

    TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is a kind of Thermoplastic Elastomer material, with high strength, high resilience, injection molding processing characteristics, a wide range of applications, environmental protection, non-toxic safety, excellent tinting. ● TPE material his...
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  • Car interior leather option

    Car interior leather option

    With the gradual development of People's Daily life, the owners of the leather interior requirements are more and more high. Leather used for automotive interior must have the following properties: light resistance, heat and moisture resistance, color fastness to frictio...
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  • Automotive microfiber leather seat making tutorial

    Automotive microfiber leather seat making tutorial

    As people demands for car interior space is getting higher and higher, more and more people choose to replace cloth seats with microfiber leather seats, this can also be called a refurbished, is actually the car interior space is in a different tone, make our life more comfortable, but now auto i...
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