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Advantages of Bensen Company

Bensen company over the years insist on quality first, customers for the purpose, focus on the development of automobile interior trim. Bensen has been in the last 10 years of production experience, and have our own factory and production workshop, for every customer to build a suitable for their own car interior decoration. At the same time, we adopt the most advanced technology, and the best quality raw material for auto microfiber leather. Bensen produces the best products, and hopes to establish long-term cooperation with every overseas talent. It is your choice without regret to choose Bensen.

● Advantages of Bensen Company:

1. Bensen has its own factory and could provide customized services.

2. We have a large inventory of leather ready for shipping immediately.

3. 40+ different colors of car microfiber leather for your choice

4. Bensen products are available in a wide variety of patterns, including BMW patterns, pinhole patterns, etc. And also customization is available according to your requirements.

5. Free samples could be provided for your to check quality.

6. Professional team to solve your problems about car interiors.


● Advantages of Bensen's products:

✧ Advantages of microfiber leather:

Auto microfiber leather has a wide variety of colors, we have 40+ colors for customers to choose from. High color fastness. Using ISO 105-X12 method, the dry rubbing color fastness of Bensen's microfiber leather for car could reach 5. It also can withstand the maximum tear strength of 80N. Bensen's car microfiber leather is almost as breathable as real leather.

Strong stain resistance, easy to clean. Coffee and juice stains can be removed with a wet paper towel; good wear resistance. Daily use basically no wear, even the use of metal material friction, but also can keep clean, no obvious trace of wear. Bensen auto suede leather uses microfiber suede leather, special structure to ensure its good air permeability; better driving experience. It can prevent the driver's body and seat from sliding when driving fast. The color is fuller than PU leather, and the visual effect is comparable to leather. In certain color combinations, the visual effect is stronger than PU leather.

PU leather upholstery
PU Fabric

✧ Advantages of car floor mats:

1.The silk strip structure, can be effective control of dust and dirt mats inside, do not have to take care of every day, but also to keep the car clean; 

2.High-quality material, service life of more than five years; 

3.Each model will measure the the foot mat data, personalized, no safety hazards; 

4.Car floor mats does not affect driving safety, the size of the foot mats are compared with the actual car, important parts, such as clutch, throttle size is designed just right, will not have the slightest impact; 

5.The color is comprehensive, to meet your choice.

car mats2
car mats6

✧ Advantages of car seat cushion set:

Bensen company car seat cushion fabric using pure plant fibers, skin-friendly and comfortable, anti-bacterial and anti-itch, breathable and good perspiration, anti-static, no pilling, not frustrated, not rolled edge, soft and smooth. Bottom skin using 1.4 mm high elasticity environmental protection TPU one foam leather, can ensure that the seat cushion soft elasticity brace, wear-resistant non-slip, tight fit does not deform. The bottom leather hollow design greatly enhances the breathability of the leather. And the use of high precision embroidery technology (mostly used in high-end clothing, hats and other embroidery), industrial improvement of the traditional embroidery process, 16358 stitch beats, outlining the perfect three-dimensional urban skyscraper shadow. Car seat cushion can relieve tiredness when driving, if you need, please contact us.

car seat cushion 1
car seat cushion 2

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